Earn & Learn

Things you will learn from our program

• Property Finder


• Fix and Flips

Cash Flow Rental Properties

• New Builts

Notes & REO

Land Development

Multi Family & Commercial

Earn and Learn, together, is a unique combination of skills and gifts from which you will benefit as a student of Charolette Hudson.  Not only will you receive education in its raw, pure and honest format; but you’ll have a coach in your corner guiding, instructing and leading you every step of the way.  A coach is rarely quiet during the game.  The coach prepares you, helps design your game plan, sees that you practice it before putting it into play, and then encourages you during the game to stick with the plan.  A coach knows how important it is to plan your work and THEN work your plan.  A coach helps you see the unique, individual parts that make up the whole picture.

A mentor then helps you focus so that you can see the whole picture.  A mentor gives advice and participates in active listening and instruction.  They aren’t afraid to point out the bumps in the road AND they are the first one to pick you up if you fall.

For the student, the benefits of earn and learn are far too long to list.

  • You will receive impartial advice and encouragement
  • Gain greatly in professional development
  • Receive tools and instruction on how to use those tools
  • Develop strong, healthy professional relationships
  • Get assistance with problem solving and conflict-resolution
  • Experience massive gains in your self confidence
  • Teaches you how to take time to reflect on your own progress
  • Builds a lifelong, business partnership

If you are not seeing amazing results from yourself or from a program in which you participate, you need to consider being a student of Charolette Hudson. Contact Charolette today!

Isn’t it time you stopped sitting on the sidelines and finally put the ball into play?



Charolette Hudson is a not only a Mother, Daughter, Friend and Business Woman she is also the true definition of Elite. I've worked with Ms.Hudson for years on several projects and honestly she is amazing at what and how she does things.
Mr. Jacobs
Ms. Charolette Hudson is determined, smart, strong, reliable, sophisticated, fun, bold and true to herself. Ms Hudson's compassion and integrity runs deep and not only is she 100% committed she's also dedicated which goes beyond a mere desire.
Tameka Armstrong
I’ve been working with inetwork capital associates for over a year. Under the management of Charlotte Hudson i’ve learned a lot in real estate wholesaling driving for dollars contracts and closing deals. Also hanging signs. And I learned financing and about business loans and leveraging my credit which was a wonderful experience with I network capital associates.
George Henry
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