Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wholesale?

It is the act of putting a home under contract with the intent of assigning that property to another buyer, often an investor, rather than rehab or sell the property via conventional methods. However, the wholesaler may decide to buy the home to keep or resale at a later date.

What is a motivated seller?

A motivated seller is a property owner who wants to sell quickly and may take a price cut in order to do so. They are not necessarily in foreclosure, though this is a common motivator. These sellers may be motivated by personal reasons, including a job relocation, divorce, family loss or other major life change.

Can you get started investing in real estate with little or no money?

Yes, we have wholesaled over seventy deals over the past year and a half using very little money.  It is not about the money it is more about being a part of the right NETWORK.

What is an Investor-buyer?

An investor buyer is someone who purchases wholesale properties. Usually, you’ll hear these individuals referred to simply as investors, but we’ll use investor-buyer to distinguish them from wholesale investors (like you) and other buyers who may be involved in the wholesale transaction process.

What is a distressed property?

Distressed properties are in a state of neglect and in many cases, they may be in the middle of the foreclosure process or the owner may be behind on mortgage payments.

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